Been Loyal? The Elder Scrolls Online rewards long-time players

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Remember The Elder Scrolls Online? I don’t, even though I reviewed it! While I admit I am not the biggest MMORPG fan, the game just didn’t grab me. Sure it was pretty to look at, but man were those bugs nasty. Still, there are those who love the game and are still playing it, and they will benefit from a loyalty program.

The loyalty program was announced on The Elder Scrolls Online page (via Polygon):

Starting in September, we’ll begin emailing all eligible paid subscribers about the first of our loyalty rewards. Every paid account that has been subscribed for three months (excluding game time included with your purchase of ESO and any additional complimentary game time) will receive a High Hrothgar Wraith vanity pet that will let you show your dedication to saving Tamriel wherever you adventure in-game. The loyalty program will keep expanding over time, so keep an eye out for more tokens of our gratitude if you’re a longtime player. Our next reward will be granted for those who have subscribed for six months—we’ll reveal it to you soon.


That’s right, you will earn a vanity pet for those three months of hard-earned money you spent on keeping your subscription active! I’m so jealous right now, I’m almost considering renewing my subscription. Thankfully, there is hope for the likes of me. I can still receive these loyalty rewards.

If you haven’t kept your subscription active, don’t worry. You’ll still be able to get the pets and other upcoming rewards once you meet the requirements. Stick with us, and you’ll have quite the collection to show off before long.

Alright fine, I know I sound bitter, and I’m not really going renew my subscription, but that sort of incentive to show off a players dedication is actually quite cool. I’m a sucker for cosmetics now (thanks to Dota 2) so I can appreciate a reward like that, even if it is just a digital item which can never be touched. What do you think? Do you still play The Elder Scrolls Online?

Last Updated: August 25, 2014

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