Behind the scenes with the new Black Ops DLC

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You’ll most probably not be surprised to hear that behind the scenes at we often really do not agree with each other. We all have very different tastes in games and view things very differently.

One of these things is whether or not the Call of Duty series is a complete cash in of repetitive titles every year or if Activision in conjunction with Treyarch and Infinity Ward are continuing to push the envelope of the FPS genre and break new ground.

I’m very much of the opinion that the Call of Duty series is the top FPS series in the market at the moment and they are only able to keep a stranglehold on that position with their annualised releases which consistently bring new mechanics, ideas and features to the genre.

Others however feel each title is exactly the same with only a slightly different story and filter applied to the graphics.

Well in my defence I hold up the following video that shows how you can have a quick fire multiplayer FPS experience in space without overly sacrificing the gameplay.

Treyarch may have been the ugly step sister to Infinity Ward before but I think she has proven this year that she’s smoking hot all by her self and deserves the credit as well.

Last Updated: August 12, 2011

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