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GTA V has now been out for exactly 7 days, and some of the more determined of you out there have already completed it once and are now heading into your second play through to make sure you experience the entire game.

Then others, such as myself, have had travelling or work to attend to and as such aren’t very far at all. I spent most of the weekend playing (well as much as I could) and I’ve still yet to meet Trevor.  But for those who want to make sure you play every single main mission in the game, then here is a full list of all of those. I have a long way to go.

Oh and if you are a little special in the head then let’s be clear.. there be spoilers ahead with the mission names relating to parts of the game.

  1. Prologue
  2. Franklin and Lamar
  3. Repossession
  4. Complications
  5. Father/Son
  6. Chop
  7. Marriage Counseling
  8. Daddy’s Little Girl
  9. Friend Request
  10. The Long Stretch
  11. Casing the Jewel Store
  12. Carbine Rifles
  13. Bugstars Equipment
  14. BZ Gas Grenades
  15. The Jewel Store Job (The Loud Approach / The Smart Approach)
  16. Mr. Philips
  17. Nervous Ron
  18. Trevor Philips Industries
  19. Crystal Maze
  20. Friends Reunited
  21. Fame or Shame
  22. Dead Man Walking
  23. Hotel Assassination
  24. The Multi-Target Assassination
  25. Hood Safari
  26. Three’s Company
  27. By the Book
  28. Did Somebody Say Yoga
  29. Scouting the Port
  30. Minisub
  31. Trash Truck
  32. Boiler Suits
  33. Masks
  34. Tow Truck
  35. Cargobob
  36. The Merryweather Heist (Freighter / Offshore)
  37. Blitz Play: Intro
  38. I Fought the Law
  39. Eye in the Sky
  40. Mr. Richards
  41. The Vice Assassination
  42. The Bus Assassination
  43. Caida Libre
  44. Deep Inside
  45. Minor Turbulence
  46. The Construction Assassination
  47. Paleto Score Setup
  48. Military Hardware
  49. Predator
  50. The Paleto Score
  51. Derailed
  52. Monkey Business
  53. Hang Ten
  54. Surveying the Score
  55. Bury the Hatchet
  56. Pack Man
  57. Fresh Meat
  58. The Ballad of Rocco
  59. Cleaning Out the Bureau
  60. Reuniting the Family
  61. Architect’s Plans
  62. Fire Truck
  63. The Bureau Raid (Fire Crew / Roof Entry)
  64. The Wrap Up
  65. Reuniting the Family
  66. Doting Dad
  67. Legal Trouble
  68. Lamar Down
  69. Meltdown
  70. Parenting 101
  71. Planning the Big Score
  72. Stings
  73. Gauntlet
  74. Getaway Vehicle
  75. Driller
  76. Sidetracked
  77. The Big Score (Subtle Approach / Obvious Approach)
  78. Something Sensible
  79. The Time’s Come
  80. The Third Way

I think it’s awesome that Rockstar made sure there was a round number of missions in the game, I think I would have lost my OCD nut if this list had ended at 77.  Personally I can’t wait to get to mission 68 as that guy annoys me no end.

Oh and if you haven‘t met Lenny yet, then you need to play more, but you are also in luck as you can still find the awesome Superman and Master Chief Easter egg. Once you meet him and the cut scene is over then walk around the room until you see two statues of Superman and Master Chief… that’s it. So exciting!

Last Updated: September 23, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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