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Bravely second

Bravely Default was an excellent JRPG on 3DS, one which confirmed that the 3DS is still the best place to play games if you’re looking for that old school experience. Unfortunately, it was also a flawed game with some repetitive mechanics that detracted from replay value. But why replay when the sequel is coming?

Bravely Second is coming and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Just look at this opening cinematic:

I don’t even know what the lyrics are saying, but Supercell is sort of a big deal in Japan and it’s nice for them to be involved in making the video sound even more upbeat and interesting. I am so curious what the game will be about – it feels so dramatic and intriguing just from this opening cinematic, I need to jump in and play it.

I know, there’s no gameplay shown off, but for people who played the first one, I think it will probably be fairly similar. You can get jobs which grant special skills, you’ll need to level up within those jobs to unlock more abilities, mix and match abilities and equipment to best suit your play style and attributes. Yeah, it’s a bit of a deep delve into JRPG standards, but I’m still keen for it. The gameplay really was fun in the first game, and the story was intriguing (if overly drawn out).

Are you excited to see Agnes and Magnolia again, or are you too swept up in the scale of it all?

Last Updated: April 2, 2015

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