Behold, the greatest light-saber fight of all time!

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When it comes to YouTube, two of my favourite channels on there happens to be the ones run by Egoraptor and OneyNG. Mostly because they actually put out some quality entertainment without having to remind the audiences who they are every five seconds, and also because they’re crazier than a barrel of OVG’s comments. So here’s a new Egoraptor video. About Star Wars. And light-sabers. Fighting each other. CHOOOOOORAAAAAAA WAAAAH WAHHHHHH!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what it’s like inside my own head. ALL THE TIME. Have a great Tuesday everyone, I’m going to go polish my own light-saber while I watch this for the tenth time in a row. Also, here’s the link to that wonderful Drool of the Fates song that played in the background.

Last Updated: February 19, 2013

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