Ben Heck and the Xbox controller that dispenses food

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There’s something about Ben Heck and his console modifications that really talks to the inner slob inside of me. The genius modder has already managed to take the disc-swapping needs of an Xbox and throw it away, thanks to his custom-built remote control disc-loading utility, and he’s come up with numerous other gadgets for consoles already.

But his latest experiment might just be his greatest idea ever. It’s an Xbox controller that disperses those delicious little wrapped pizzas, hot pockets.

Gaming and face-stuffing snacking at the same time? Genius! Using a rack and pinion system, the customised controller can slide out a hot pocket treat for players to eat while they game, while also allowing for them to keep their hands on the controller and action at the same time.

Now if only Heck would finally find a way to combine a chocolate fountain with a PS3 Move kit…

Last Updated: January 26, 2012

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