Best Competition in the World… Ever?

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clip_image001This has got to be one of the best competitions that I have ever come across in my life..

I was browsing the FHM site, for the articles, and came across the following

How about FHM and Xbox 360 come over to your place with Xbox 360’s, pizza, beer and hot babes? We then entertain you and nine of your mates with your choice of the latest games. Sounds like the perfect lads’ night!
QUESTION: What number is associated with Xbox?

I’m going to help you all out here as long as you promise that I will be one of the nine mates.

The answer is 360…. Unfortunately this competition is only open to Jozi residents but I strongly suggest you coastal people enter and if you win I will fly you up to my place in Jozi to join us…

And if anyone from FHM is reading, I have no problems coming to judge the gameplay either…

FHM / It’s a Guy Thing

Last Updated: April 9, 2008

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