Best video game sex scenes

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The mainstream media is often quick to attack video games for corrupting the youth and helping the moral decay of society, but have you ever seen video game sex?

It’s generally pretty low fidelity and nothing like the scenes you get to see on most TV channels after 10pm at night.

Check below for our pick of the top video game sex scenes of this generation, did we miss one that was your personal favourite?

Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol actually contains rape, but this didn’t hit the news because of the fact that it’s a good looking women taking out her affections on a man tied to a table… could you imagine the media furore if it was the other way around?

Mass Effect

Did you know the character Miranda in Mass Effect is modelled on Sarah from Chuck? Well here’s her big moment from the game.

God of War

I’m not sure most parents know how bad God of War is when they pick it up for their kids, it certainly isn’t targeted at teenagers.

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is an incredible game with a lot of emotion which makes this sex scene one of the only ones that doesn’t appear to be added just to please the younger gamer market.

Dragon Age Origins

In Dragon Age Origins you can unlock these special scenes by bringing enough gifts to the lady of your affection.

The Witcher

The Witcher isn’t short on sexual innuendo but the actual sex scenes themselves are very tame

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And no video game sex post could be complete without the scene that caused all that mass hysteria, The Hot Coffee easter egg in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas wasn’t actually part of the game but could be unlocked by horny gamers the world over.

Dragon Age Origins 2

Oh and we couldn’t have a sex scene post without the homosexual scene from the latest Dragon Age 2

So that’s it, my list of the best and oddest video game sex scenes from this generation, did I miss any?

Credit: ThePlayVault

Last Updated: March 14, 2011

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