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Bethesda guarantees PS3 version of Skyrim doesn’t suck

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If you’d been playing close attention to the Skyrim news you would have noticed that virtually all console related stories and video footage have been about the Xbox 360 version which has started to worry some PS3 fans out there.

But according to Pete Hinds from Bethesda there is nothing to worry about as he has been answering PS3 related questions on his Twitter account.

When asked if the PS3 version looks as good as the Xbox 360 version Pete answers

Yes, PS3 and 360 have reached a good place of parity….framerate, fidelity, etc. The PS3 version is getting a ton of attention

And when that same fan then asks why they are only showing Xbox 360 footage at events and the like he answers

“We don’t ever specify what platform screens or footage comes from. It’s usually a mix.

Now I wasn’t lucky enough to go to PAX or Gamescom but I’m sure I’ve seen a bunch of pictures of people playing Skyrim with Xbox 360 controllers…

Source: GamingEverything & Twitter

Last Updated: September 1, 2011

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