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Bethesda Knew Skyrim was broken on the PS3

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The PS3 version of immensely popular shout-laden, dragon-killing RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was until recently, pretty damned broken. The last patch seems to have fixed most of the big issues, though some people still seem to having issues. Members of the church of Bethesda have defended the company, saying things like “It’s a huge open world, of COURSE, it’s going to have bugs.”

Here’s the kicker: Bethesda knew the Ps3 version had issues.

"The team knew the PlayStation 3 version could run into a ‘bad memory situation’ and they coded solutions that they felt would work – and in their tests the solutions did work," Bethesda clarified in a statement.  "Post release a ‘small percentage’ of users were still experiencing issues where it couldn’t keep up, and the team is working hard on solving it."

Yeah..no. This problem of releasing buggy broken games and then patching them up is too widespread. Games are obviously much more complex than they were in the past, but back then – because games were confined to physical media – you had to make damned sure your game worked properly or face ludicrously expensive recalls.

Still Bethesda head-scratchingly believes Skyrim was their least buggy game.

"All of our internal and external data show that Skyrim is our most solid release, including the PS3 version,” Bethesda’s Todd Howard told Gameinformer. “ The percentage of people that have a problem on any particular system ends up a low percentage, but the raw number ends up being larger than we would have expected. We saw some of [the issues] that we were able to solve very quickly, but we eventually had to go to the consumer and ask for their saved game files. You’re looking at saved games where, not everybody, but certain people played for 100s of hours. And lots of different reasons it was happening. Fortunately we were able to fix it with the latest update."

"It’s hopefully a much smaller number now,” he added. “When you put all this time into something and someone can’t play it, you feel terrible. They have every right to be pissed off. We already have more updates out for this than Fallout 3 and Oblivion in their lifetime, so we’re really committed to fixing everything. "

Skyrim has garnered just about every Game of the Year award, including ours – but none of us played it on PS3.

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Last Updated: February 17, 2012

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