Bioshock Could Be Headed To PS3 – The Rumour that won't die

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Yet another rumour that won’t go away is that one about Bioshock heading over to the PS3 as well….

This really would be a huge coup for Sony as the expectations of this game are huge in the community. I still have a horrible feeling that it could be awful but I am hoping that I am wrong. 

How about we make a deal though, you send MGS4 over to the Xbox 360 and Microsoft will send Bioshock to the PS3, then we all win…

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Last Updated: June 1, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • MarioAna

    No thanks, I don’t want a game where a revolver has been fired and yet the hammer is still up! (check the pic).

    Just give me MGS4.

  • Ruslan

    Lol… nitpicky fanboys. It wouldnt be too bad to see Bioshock on the PS3 by 2008, if they get the SDK to actually run the game properly that is. 😉

  • MarioAna

    Ha ha, maybe they can use the extra time to put back all the things they had to leave out of the 360 version…

    Seriously though, get all the games on all the platforms and allow us to play multplayer online coss platform!

    Imagne the chaos.

  • LazySAGamer

    Mario even though you are being picky I have to agree with you.

    This Bioshock seems to have a few to many flaws. When watching trailers of the gameplay it looks very jumpy… unfinished. Yes I am aware it is actually unfinished which is why I am still giving it some benefit…

  • Ruslan

    Its a reality with Vista Live Anywhere games, thus far only Shadowrun allows PC vs X360 gamers to meet online but for sure there will be more games to follow.

    In regards to Bioshock, I will reserve my judgement when the game ships out. I have high hopes for this game so it would be a great disappointment if it misses what it promises. Or else, like Mario says. Perhaps a PS3 version will give them time to put in what they had to keep out. Pity about the achievements though. 😉

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