Bioshock definitely looking better on the PS3

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Dave Wells, who is a contributor at PSU was given some hands on time with Bioshock for PS3 and has had a few things to say about how it looks.

While many gamers have been wondering about whether the game will look as good, the same, or better than the Xbox 360 original, we can finally hear what someone who has seen it running has to say now that this Mr. Wells has tried it for himself. We obviously can’t put all of our faith in his words, but why not find what he thinks anyway?

Wales reports that:

“One of the very first things you’ll notice within BioShock [PS3] is that all anti-aliasing issues are now gone. There were absolutely no edging issues or jaggedness to any portions of what was displayed on screen,”

“I almost felt like I was staring at a redesigned title.”

I am glad to hear of news like this. Obviously, visuals aren’t everything, but just the other day I put in my Bioshock disc to check something and I couldn’t help but feel once again that the games visuals felt a bit spoilt by some really annoying jaggies, ultimately making the graphics feel like they lack polish.

PS3 owners who haven’t had a chance to play Bioshock on the Xbox 360 or PC yet are in for a real treat. While I am not so sure that the game deserved all the praise it received, it is still a damn good game and an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

source: Talk Playstation

Last Updated: July 24, 2008

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