BioShock "franchise" ships 1.5m units; L.A. Noire bumped from fiscal '08

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Take Two have been speaking to analysts and the like about their recent financial results and future plans and two very interesting pieces of information have come out…

BioShock is now being classed as a franchise. They are expecting to release a new version every two years for now. Normally people groan when they hear about franchises but we have had a few very good ones so far (COD, God of War, GTA, Mario) so lets give them the benefit of the doubt…. Oh and BioShock has shipped 1.5 million units so far… not bad.

Secondly L.A. Noire their upcoming PS3 exclusive that was scheduled for a fiscal 2008 (which means before November 2008) has been delayed…. Don’t expect it next year… It seems PS3 and delayed often end up in the same posting…

BioShock “franchise” ships 1.5m units; L.A. Noire bumped from fiscal ’08 – Joystiq

Last Updated: September 11, 2007

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