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Bioshock Infinite will be better on the PS3.. maybe

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Bioshock Infinite is easily one of my most anticipated titles of the year and while I never really got into Bioshock 2 that much I did thoroughly enjoy the first.

But the big question will be what platform to get it on when it’s finally released as we are expecting it to be released on all three platforms (Xbox, PS3 and PC) and the recent trend has been for all platforms to be pretty much equal.

However according to a post on the Xbox dominated site, msxbox-world, the game is going to be infinitely better on the PS3 which took me by surprise as I wouldn’t have expected that from 360-centric site.

However the point is a valid one by the look of it, according to the latest reports the PS3 version of Bioshock Infinite will be the only version to include Move and 3D support and if you are into 3D gaming this then makes your decision just that much easier.

However if like me you are not a fan of 3D then the addition of 3D gaming and a waggle stick doesn’t do much. In fact the idea that the PS3 version has Move support isn’t filling me with much confidence and if Irrational Games stick in stupid mini-games or segments just to showcase the move (like turning a valve) then I’m going to be seriously cranky. 

What do you think though, is the addition of 3D further proof that the PS3 is the more capable gaming platform or is this all about the gimmicky factor?

Last Updated: February 15, 2012


  1. mike

    March 22, 2013 at 15:29

    I made a comment on another website stating ign and GameSpot will never give a better score to the ps3 version, even if the ps3 version is better.
    Once again, since the ps3 should be better, with move or 3d as a bonus, these Microsoft fans/paid websites do a global review for all the platforms… because separated reviews would give a better score to the ps3… which they don’t want. With a review for the 3 platforms, they avoid having to give a better score to the ps3 version. Smart, aren’t they?

    Biased, you say?

    Here is what I wrote on another website. For those who also think ign and GameSpot are biased and always give better scores to x360.

    reviews on ign or gamespot, only a few guys there are correct with sony, all the others simply hate it, and you can see on their reviews how biased they are, regarding the ps3.great features are not taken into account, small things like a single texture in the whole game will be enough to lower the graphics score.
    everybody in this world knows how ign-gamespot just love and play on the x360. are you a “know-it-all-that-can’t-admit-that” guy ?
    look at portal 2 review. even the biggest xbox fan did recognize and admited graphics on the ps3 were far superior, and cross platform gaming was also a blast. why not mention it ? because they don’t want people to go pick the best console version: the ps3 version.
    now, look at Zack Zero game. this game was a blast to play, for a psn game, was just amazing how a 2-3 people team could make a game this good. there were tiny things that could have been done better, but never did they broke the experience.
    once again, hate talks. the game gets a 4/10 from ign, with a “avoid it”. wow, did we play the same game ? or it’s just another hater that will spout shit on every single ps3 game ? i let you choose.
    here is the review. play the game, and you will see the game is AT LEAST a solid 7-7.5 or above, but not a 4/10. NEVER.
    i don’t know everything, i just dare saying what others silently moan and think of. if you don’t agree with ign and gamespot being 2 big biased influent websites, who prefer the x360 10 times more than the ps3, well, if you don’t believe that, it’s just because you are very happy with the huge great scores and all the praise every xbox game gets.
    i could give 300 more examples, but you love those websites, their reviews must perfectly fit the games you buy and play. but believe me, based on who actually reviews a ps3 game, we can be sure it will get an average score. and never, never, a multi platform game, even if it performs and looks 2 times better on the ps3, the ps3 game will get a higher score. it will always be
    x360 : 9/10
    ps3: 8.999999 /10
    never their beloved console will get a lower score than the ps3. NEVER.
    just look at mass effect 2 on x360 : 9.6/10
    now, take the ps3 version… that gets… a 9.5/10
    you see, when i say the x360 version will always have a better score.
    the ps3 version was 100% identical too the x360 version. BUT, it was done using the light engine from mass effect 3, and included a free dlc. therefore, the best version, was the ps3 one, right ? no. once again, never will a ps3 game will score better than the x360. 9.6 against 9.5. why not giving a better score to the ps3, since it was the best version ? you still don’t believe when i say these websites are biased, and prefer the x360, and we can see and feel it on their reviews, and scores. hate.
    for mass effect 2 on the ps3, the guys will say that the best experience is on x360 because we can play the first mass effect game. hey, we are reviewing ONE game, not the 30 first games of the series.
    Not that mass effect 1 is out on the ps3, why they don’t update the score of ME2? the x360 is no longer the best experience, since people can also play the first mass effect on ps3. their argument about best experience no longer justifies. NO, it’s about pride, too. they want the x360 to perform the best, and the way for achieving that goal is giving it better scores. and it works.
    now, take my words and do whatever you want. but yes, gamespot and ign are biased and most reviewers prefer the x360, and will always give better scores to that plaform, no matter if the ps3 version is better.you, and the 40 million xbox users won’t make me think differently. facts are there, reviews are there, only a fanboy will not agree. but i’m fine with that, no problem 🙂


  2. Jake Boone

    March 24, 2013 at 04:14

    sony sucks and has been in the red for quite sometime. I almost forgot they were even around. Face it the masses either play pc or 360. Whether or not you believe one is better than the other. Microsoft has dominated.


    • mornelithe

      March 24, 2013 at 07:39

      Sony as a company, sure. Their games division has been in the black for a couple years now, though, which means they’ve made great strides since the early years of the PS3. Microsoft dominated early on through brilliant marketing and highly calculated purchases of exclusive/timed exclusive games and DLC, however, their recent focus on Kinect has allowed Sony to close the gap that the head start of the 360 gave them, to the point where they’re neck and neck.

      They’ve basically shifted focus from their core audience, the ones who financed the years of success, and they’re trying to tap into the Wii’s market. From a reward standpoint, it makes sense. But, the risk is…their games aren’t like the Nintendo’s. And part of what made the Wii special, was what Nintendo brought to the table for it.

      I’ll take the PC’s performance, and Sony’s exclusives over Microsoft any day of the week. I prefer their OS to that of Apple, but that’s about as far as I’m going with them.


    • Skyblue

      March 24, 2013 at 09:54

      No dude, you are wrong.

      I am predominantly a PC gamer but am fortunate enough to have each console and M$ might be leading in the overall console sale race (barely) but $ony have been murdering M$ with exclusives the last 5 years straight in difficult financial years. I purchase approximately 4 PS3 games for every 1 X360 title and I only buy exclusives as I prefer playing titles on my PC.

      You need to clarify your argument with facts or else you only have an opinion on the matter and lets face it, opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one


  3. Skyblue

    March 24, 2013 at 09:35

    The X360 and PC are both fully capable of 3D support so not supplying 3D on those formats is just dumb or a deal done with SCE. I was not originally a fan of 3D but a few games are starting to get it right, namely Crysis 3 and Motorstorm Apocalypse.

    My joystick waving days are over, they can keep the Move.


  4. Skyblue

    March 24, 2013 at 09:36

    and there will be world peace and a Gummi Bear reunion show


  5. Evan Fowler

    March 27, 2013 at 22:45

    So… the 3D was just a lie then? I’m definitely not finding the option for it anywhere. Is it going to be patched in? Can they even do that? Kind of a bummer. Sounds like most of you guys hate 3D gaming, but I LOVE playing Uncharted 3 and Black Ops in 3D. It gets you so dialed into the game.


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