Bioshock looks worse on the PS3 than it does on the 360

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 PS3 Bioshock looks worse than 360 version

This is being marked as a rumour at the moment but it should be confirmed soon enough (if it’s true).

According to the PS3 version of Bioshock is absolutely fantastic and includes new never before seen areas and puzzles. It doesn’t drop the ball in any way and has walked away with an awesome review score of 93/100

However it’s not all roses for the PS3 fans out there, apparently even after being  developed a year after the 360 version it still hasn’t managed to match the visuals seen on the 360 version last year. The developers have always said they wanted to achieve parity with the 360 version but it seems they dropped short of this goal.

According to CVG

“If you’re a lucky multi-format owner who favours visuals over some extra puzzle levels, you’re probably better off with 360’s original. Otherwise, you needn’t panic: Rapture shines on every format and plays identically”

Now if I had the choice I would go with extra puzzle levels every time but the fact that the PS3 version was unable to match the 360 version in visuals is horrifying…

The 360 version wasn’t perfect in the visuals department either so we really could have expected an improvement… as they did for the PC version.

Spin it anyway you want, it’s not good news for the PS3


Last Updated: September 25, 2008

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