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Bioshock on the PS3

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WikiEdit During an eventful online discussion yesterday SlippyMadFrog made quite an interesting discovery. Apparently the PS3 is a lot more powerful than anyone is giving it credit for.

Apparently according to Wikipedia you can install Windows XP onto a PS3 and then run some of the Xbox 360 “console exclusives”.

So in theory you could quite easily load up XP on your PS and start playing some previously exclusive titles like Bioshock, Viva Pinata or even Halo (2)….

I never knew this, mainly because it is entirely untrue and this is the exact reason why you cannot believe everything on Wikipedia. This has obviously been added by a slightly deluded fan with way to much time on their hands.

You can install a limited version of Linux on the PS3 though but I am yet to actually see a very good reason for doing that either as your access to the hardware is severely limited.

I wonder if they even have a version of Windows that can run on the cell processor yet?

Source: Wikipedia

Last Updated: March 14, 2008

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