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Bioware has a lot of freedom from EA

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Unlike most studios that are under the umbrella of EA Games, fan favourite developer Bioware has remained largely autonomous since their acquisition, belaying any fears that the studio would be forced to release annual versions of their most poplar franchises.

Studio Co-Founder Greg Zeschuk spoke about how the successful studio had managed to maintain a degree of freedom in an industry infamous for its assembly line practices.

“We still have huge autonomy in terms of what we do”, Zeschuk said to Eurogamer. “We’re not being forced to do anything or told to do anything. We make the decisions. We take input”.

Speaking about the rumours that Bioware had to answer to EA for everything that they did, Zeschuk claimed that such a rumour was “not actually remotely true”,and that the studio would only develop and release games that pleased themselves and the fans first.

“We’re responsible for the quality of the content and games we release, and we’re committed to try and always take feedback really seriously from our fans and be humble about how we take it, use it to make the next games better” co-founder Ray Muzyka said.

“You’re only as good as your next game, and that’s the way we’ve always felt. We’re tying to make a fun experience for the fans. They’re one of our key stake holders and we have to deliver and exceed their expectations”, he added.

The two founders then joked about how whenever the studio submitted ideas for funding to EA, it was pretty much pre-approved already. “It’s like, OK, are you not going to green-light Mass Effect 3? Like, really? You know what I mean”.

Its great to see big name publishers allow for a high level of freedom with their partners, as creativity is always going to lead to some truly fantastic games, even though there is a large scale of risk involved. When you put trust and big money together with bold new ideas, you can’t go wrong.

Last Updated: October 4, 2011

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