Bioware reveals new Mass Effect planets and races

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N7 day was a big deal. We commemorated it with photoshop and a video including Darryn’s tears. While we were busy with doing weekend things, Bioware woke up (due to time differences) and decided to tell us all kinds of cool things about Mass Effect. They even gave us some pretty new screens.

First up, there was something of a secret. Chris Schlerf has actually been working on the new Mass Effect game since November 2013. Having worked as a screenwriter for years, Schlerf then moved on to become the lead writer for Halo 4 before moving to Bioware. Considering the more human approach of the 4th Halo game, it will be interesting to see how Schlerf approaches the Mass Effect universe. At least we know his focus is in the right place for a Bioware game:

As a writer, I write for characters. To me, it’s always about what makes my characters tick and what stories I can tell through those characters that will actually engage people about their own lives. It provides a mirror to that player’s experience [so that they are] not just sitting back in an armchair.

Bioware also had a developer roundtable. In it, we learned that the protagonist of the game is someone who is becoming a hero – not already at the legendary level Shepard was at the beginning of the Mass Effect trilogy. Presumably, this means that we will follow this character on a new journey and perhaps help him/her to achieve galactic greatness. Making use of Frostbite’s immense power, cut-scenes won’t be used too heavily as the focus will be more on immersing the players and allowing them to build relationships.

Finally, we learned that there will be new races with new home planets as well. Considering the length Shepard went to in order to unite the whole galaxy against previous threats, I’m really curious how these new races and planets will fit in – and excited to see the new designs. Alien design was so interesting and unique in the first Mass Effect, it will be great to see what they come up with for new life forms.

My excitement is almost too much to contain. I doubt the game will be ready anytime soon – shall we predict a 2016 release date? But at least we know it’s coming, and can calm ourselves by obsessing over this glorious concept art that shows some new planets and the return of the Mako.

Last Updated: November 10, 2014

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