Bioware to launch an interactive comic for PS3 players to catch up

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One of the biggest shocks of this year was the news that Bioware’s blockbuster success, Mass Effect 2, was coming to the PS3.

However straight away the big question was how would PS3 players catch up on the story of the original Mass Effect which isn’t yet being released on the PS3.

Bioware haven’t been saying  and there is still no official response but a moderator over at the German Bioware forums has stated that they will be releasing an interactive comic that will be used to not only bring players up to speed on the story of Mass Effect but to also customise the story of Mass Effect 2.

It’s one of those great ideas that seem so logical after you hear it so I suspect this is going to be confirmed by Bioware any day now.

Source: VG247

Last Updated: November 8, 2010

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