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Black Ops 2 DLC to be announced today and will be called Revolution

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4 days ago a promotional poster was snapped with a fuzzy cam and released onto the Internet. The poster was for the first DLC for Black Ops 2 and it looks like it is going to be called Revolution. We have learned from a reliable source that this map pack is going to be announced today so keep an eye out for it throughout the day. Unfortunately the source doesn’t have an exact time of the announcement.


This poster didn’t make big news as it isn’t the best picture and could have been photo shopped, but if we are to believe it then this DLC is going to include 5 new maps and a new gun


  • Hydro
  • Downhill
  • Die Rise
  • Grind
  • Mirage


  • Peacekeeper SMG

And now after some finger trouble on the official Black Ops site it seems that this has been confirmed with VG247 snapping this picture before the banner was removed


So out there somewhere is a video of this new DLC and I can promise you that every gaming news site on the planet is searching far and wide for it… we’ll bring it to you as soon as it is found. With no official news around this DLC yet it’s hard to give solid opinions but if it is just the 5 new maps I wouldn’t be impressed if it sold for more than 800 points.

Also expect it to hit the Xbox 360 first with a PC and PS3 release 2 weeks later.

Last Updated: January 7, 2013

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