Black Ops 2 PS3 issues being fixed

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What is it about the PS3 that developers struggle with so much? According to users on the Black Ops II forums, numerous users have reported connectivity and freezing issues on the PS3 version of the year’s biggest shooter.

People are complaining that they’re unable to connect to matches – though I’d imagine that’s to be expected, given the sheer number of people trying to connect on launch day. Worse is the freezing issue that’s affecting many players, which is making people play more of the Call of Duty single player than anybody rightly should.

The freezing issue’s affecting all three platforms at the moment, but is most prevalent on the PS3. Activision’s aware of the issues, and is hard at work on fixes.

"We are aware of connectivity issues that some players are facing in Black Ops II on PlayStation 3. We are working on resolution, thank you."

Treyarch’s also suggested PC players keep their systems up-to-date to avoid issues.

"If you are experiencing crash or performance issues, please make sure your drivers are updated," a Treyarch developer said via Twitter.

This brings up the issue of Day 1 patches again; would have been better there was a day 1 patch, instead of the issues persisting longer?


Last Updated: November 15, 2012

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