Black Ops Groin Kill… what a way to die

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One of the things I do enjoy about starting a Black Ops deathmatch game is the made rush to the middle before chucking your frag grenade in the hope of an easy kill… or 3.

It’s a cheap tactic but at the same time the only people who generally get caught by it are the same ones trying to do it so it’s a victimless crime. However this one is possibly the best I have seen as the opposing player is first downed by a bullet before being smacked in the balls by a grenade.

Which caused just enough damage to put him out of his misery… death by groin now that’s an unpleasant thought.

And if like me you are a bit of a sadist then check out this completely ungaming related compilation of the worst pain a man can experience.

Last Updated: November 17, 2010

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