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Bleach: Soul Resurrection is coming

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Anime has proven to be a great source material for video games, but in recent years, the deluge of titles that have been released have hampered the quality of titles that have made their way to us. Dragonball Z manages to release some sort of ultimate-smackdown-super-explosion-screaming-punching extravaganza on an annual basis, while the Naruto franchise can barely go a year without assaulting the eardrums of players with the shrill shrieking of prepubescent protagonists. And then we have Bleach.

While it has released its fair share of games, most of those titles have been solely for the Japanese market. In fact, Bleach: Soul Resurrection is only the fifth core Bleach game to have made its way past the land of the rising sun.

Resurrection also looks to be a bit more special when compared to its predecessors. While the majority of anime games have stuck to the closely to the fighting genre, Resurrection is looking to set a different pace with an adventure mode that resembles fellow Japanese export Ninety Nine Nights. It seems that large open landscapes will be littered with enemies, from run of the mill low level minions to the larger, tougher brutes.


Levelling up will be crucial in this title, granting new moves, combos and special attacks. Meanwhile, the gameplay itself looks to be linear in its approach, with blindingly fast combat sequences. The visuals are of the usual cel-shaded variety, but they actually seem to suit the unique of Bleach more, creating stylized models that don’t resemble awkward action figures for a change.


There should be a character that will appeal to every fan of the anime, as the roster of Bleach consists of 18 unlockable characters, and will follow the storyline of the manga and anime pretty closely, with only slight deviations when necessary.

Bleach: Soul Resurrection releases next month in America, with a European release scheduled for September.


Source: Gamepro.com

Last Updated: July 8, 2011

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