Blizzard has launched its own cross-game chat service

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Blizzard finally has its own voice chat

Last month, Blizzard killed In name only, Blizzard recognised that multiplayer service were a part of the games they were tied to, and should not require a separate service to maintain and connect them. It was a mantra shift if anything, but it’s one that has opened Blizzard up to a more progressive multiplayer space. And that’s already taking shape, with the launch of a new cross-game chat service.

Similar more to Steam’s own chat service and less like applications like Discord, Blizzard Voice is a new addition to the Blizzard Launcher which gives you cross-game chat across all their titles. It’s out now too, with a quick update to your launcher adding the functionality. Blizzard promises that all calls will have “high quality voice audio and superior stability,” while also giving users the ability to mute specific players or change volume on a user to user basis.

It is, sadly, intrinsically tied to your own Blizzard account though. Blizzard Voice isn’t yet a solution for public matches in Blizzard titles. If you match make in Overwatch, for example, with a group of random players, you’ll still need to use either in-game chat or superior applications like TeamSpeak and Discord. This isn’t Blizzard’s answer to make you drop those, but instead a neat additional option that can be built upon in the coming months to make it more relevant.

I’m usually a Discord type of guy, but if Blizzard Voice allows me to insult Matty with crystal clarity and no fuss for setup during some Overwatch games, I’m all for it. I mean, it’s not like he was pushing the Payload anyway.

Last Updated: October 21, 2016

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