Blizzard teasing StarCraft II announcements

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BlizzCon is coming this weekend and I’m sure Blizzard has a ton of cool stuff to tell us about. However, it seems that they simply can’t contain themselves, hinting at news of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.

There is already a StarCraft II panel scheduled for Friday late afternoon. But now, over on the StarCraft II sound cloud page you can hear two strange sound effects:

What are those sounds? Has something happened to the Zerg, or is it sound of the hype train approaching. People have been waiting for news of the next installment of StarCraft II, and it appears that the wait is finally over.

Meanwhile, a Redditor has noticed some rather strange gaps in the BlizzCon schedule. Could this be a sign of more news on the way? Perhaps some new IP from Blizzard, or more news about existing games?

Say what you will about Blizzard, their games are generally wild hits. Not always at first – Diablo III was a mess when it initially launched on PC, but console versions and the Ultimate Evil edition made it something gamers really loved again. People aren’t too pleased with the fact that StarCraft II was broken into pieces with gamers forced to pay full price for each expansion. However, the game and the story are so loved that people still do it.

Are you a Blizzard fan, or are you tired of the hype that seems to follow? Did you play the first two parts of Starcraft II – is this the news that you’ve been waiting for?

Last Updated: November 4, 2014

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