Blizzard updates Starcraft II, Diablo III and opens up Hearthstone

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What is it about Blizzard games that have such an appeal? Are we all just nostalgic, or is there something really special about their design? Either way, they are upping their game and even giving you the opportunity to create the next Dota phenomenon.

First things first, Starcraft II now has a Starter Edition:

Play the first five missions of the epic single-player campaign and wage unrelenting war on your friends in pulse-pounding multi-player battles. Get in the fight!

That’s right, for the low low cost of free you can get your Zerg on. This is getting rolled out at the same time as an update, bringing us to version 2.1. The patch, combined with the Starter Edition, mean that anyone can play custom maps on StarCraft II, even if they don’t own the game itself. Seeing as Dota got its start as a custom game type in Warcraft III, maybe we will see the next new thing coming from StarCraft II. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Meanwhile, the launcher is finally getting Diablo III integration. For those who haven’t used the app/launcher, it is meant to streamline access to all your Blizzard games. By logging in to the app, you can then launch World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, Diablo III and Hearthstone. Unfortunately, up until now, when launching Diablo III from the launcher, you would then get to the Diablo III launcher – you’d need to login again and get aggravated over the uselessness of the app. Well, that is now a thing of the past as Blizzard has announced that it’s all getting streamlined into the app and the Diablo III launcher will become a thing of the past. Oh, and this is all to prepare you for the massive patch that’s coming, just by the way.

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Oh, I mentioned Hearthstone for your launcher. In case you were wondering, the game is now in Open Beta – at least, in North America. That’s right – I no longer get to feel like Oprah giving away free cars with all our Hearthstone beta keys. Just go play the game for free, now. Do it, you know you want to.

Seems like the people over at Blizzard have been busy. I like the launcher – it’s good to have all the games in once place. Now excuse me, I need to go play some Hearthstone like all the cool kids.

Last Updated: January 22, 2014

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