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Bloodborne – Caryll Rune guide

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Ruuuuuuunes! You want ‘em, and we’ve got locations for most of them.  Hit the jump to get equipped with Bloodborne’s lifesavers.

There are a few runes we’re still looking to properly uncover, but here’s a pretty comprehensive list so far. We’ll update as soon as we stop crying ourselves to sleep in a corner after a particularly brutal Father Gascoigne boss battle.

Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis

  • 10% boost to Max Stamina
  • Location: Forbidden Woods

Arcane Lake

  • Increased Arcane defense, +7%
  • Location: Byrgenwerth – At beginning, to the left of a lamp near the tree


  • Temporary boost to transformations, +20
  • Location: At the very bottom of the Healing Church Workshop Tower

Blood Rapture

  • Visceral attacks will now restore HP, +200
  • Location: Dropped by the Shadow of Yharnam

Claw Mark

  • Visceral attacks strengthened, +20%
  • Location: TBC

Clear Deep Sea

  • Increased resistance to slow poison
  • Location: Forgotten Woods

Clockwise metamorphosis

  • Boost Max HP by +5%
  • Location: Forgotten Woods


  • Higher Blood Vial Maximum allowed by +1
  • Location: Above the cathedral ward lamp after unlocking the door to the right of the lamp which is opened after defeating the blood starved beast. Go into the elevator and go up the tower and around to right above the lamp


  • Continuous health regeneration when near death by +1
  • Location: Covenant, Cainhurst Vilebloods

Deep Sea

  • Increased frenzy resistance
  • Location: TBC

Dissipating Lake

  • Increased Bolt defense by +5%
  • Location: Forbidden Woods


  • Make additional discoveries.
  • Location: TBC

Fading Lake

  • Increased Fire defense by +5%
  • Location: Nightmare Frontier

Formless Oedon

  • Higher Quicksilver Bullet max by +3
  • Location: Take the elevator in the Cathedral Ward, go through the opening opposite side from the elevator spot

Great Deep Sea

  • Increased resistance to all types
  • Location: TBC


  • More Blood Echoes earned from visceral attacks.
  • Location: Obtained after encounter with hunter and Eileen the Crow

Hunter Lake

  • Increased stamina recovery speed
  • Location: Covenant, Hunter of Hunters


  • Increased defense by +3%
  • Location: TBC

Murky Deep Sea

  • Acquire more Blood Echoes
  • Location: TBC

Oedon Writhe

  • Increased resistance to slow poison by +100
  • Location: TBC


  • Increased HP recovery from blood vials.
  • Location: Covenant, Executioners

Stunning Deep Sea

  • Increased resistance to rapid poison resistance by +200
  • Location: Nightmare Frontier

Last Updated: March 26, 2015

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