Bloodstained has successfully been Kickstarted… ten times over

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The last time I wrote about Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, two weeks ago or so, the game had raised $3,000,000. That’s pretty damn impressive, especially considering that only $500 000 was required to get the game going in the first place (an amount it reached in a matter of hours). Now, the funding period has ended, and Bloodstained has raked in a whopping $5,545,991, more than ten times what was originally required.

What this means basically is that the game is going to be a whole lot better than originally intended. I mean, take a look at all these unlocked rewards thanks to the response from 64,867 backers (via Polygon):

goals 1

Keep in mind that the reason Koji Igarashi went the Kickstarter route in the first place is because publishers turned him away, claiming that the market was not ripe for a game of this nature. Well, let’s just say he proved them wrong. The response to the project has been nothing short of amazing. In a thank you post, a video was shared, entailing dozens of pieces of fan art:

We’ll leave you with the video compilation we created for the end of the stream, which highlights just a fraction of the creativity, generosity, and support you’ve been showering us with for the past month. Enjoy — you did it!

People are genuinely excited. Now that the game they want so badly has been Kickstarted, they have one simple task to fulfil – wait for it to actually be developed. I wonder how long that’ll take?

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Are you excited for Bloodstained? Were you one of the thousands of backers?

Last Updated: June 15, 2015

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