Blu-Ray has 5 years left

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Andy Griffith’s, the Director of consumer electronics over at Samsung, has been chatting to and has come out with a very controversial statement.

While talking about how well Blu-Ray is doing and and how he expects it to be the next mainstream platform he lets out that he thinks it will only last another 5 years and has no chance of reaching 10.

This instantly brings to mind the fact that Sony are promising a 10 year life cycle for the PS3 which would leave it high and dry by the time the PS4 is released.

The good side however is that the new technology will be embedded before the PS4 comes out and therefore shouldn’t be a major expense at that time.

Andy also mentions that he see’s 2008 as the year of the Blu-Ray. Well from my side it is September 2008 (4 months to go) and Blu-Ray has hardly made an entrance in my local video store or movie shop.

I fully expect Blu-Ray to hit mass market towards the end of next year, but if he is right and it only has 5 years to live then I doubt it will ever hit mainstream.

Source: Pocket-lint

Last Updated: September 5, 2008

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