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The Sydney Morning Herald has a very interesting article on their website at the moment about the blu-ray / hd-dvd battle…

While they are saying that there is nothing in the race at the moment and both are tied they do seem to be leaning over to the hd-dvd side with some of their comments.

Some of the interesting things that I found out today, Wal-Mart itself accounts for 45% of all DVD sales in the entire US…. they sell DVD’s at a loss to entice people into the stores. Not the most original idea but it’s obviously working well for them.

Oh the other rumour is that Wal-Mart are planning to sell el-cheapo hd-dvd players at the end of the year. If they start to use hd-dvd’s as they have dvd’s then that could be a killer blow against Blu-Ray…

The majority of foreign language European studios are also supporting hd-dvd, when you put that into the perspective of 40% of all dvd’s sold in France last year where independant EU studio movies it looks like a bit of a coup for hd-dvd.

Like I said in the begining they seem to be leaning towards hd-dvd, as I am sure the blu-ray backers could give me stats to push the other way as well.

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Last Updated: May 28, 2007

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