Blur is Like An 'Adult Mario Kart'

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So after developing the Project Gotham Racing series for Microsoft for nearly ten years, Bizarre Creations is setting their sights on a title they’ve always wanted to do, namely a sort of adult version of Mario Kart.

This is evident as Ben Ward, executive producer of Blur was quoted saying that, “The PR people don’t really let me say this but Blur is like an adult Mario Kart”. He then went on to say that, “It’s what you want from the next-generation of karting games.”

The title is said to be quite different from what we usually expect from Bizarre Creation’s. For instance, authentic tracks are being replaced with far busier based on cities across the world but set in an alternate reality.

Other plans for the game include a large amount of items and weapons across the various race tracks. Ward also added that,

“There’s a lot of stuff that people growing up with Mario Kart wish those game had done… We wanted to take things that are good about Mario Kart but mix that with what we’re good at: more realistic handling, have power-ups based on skills that you use.”

Apparently as much as the team want to capture the spirit of Mario Kart’s racing style, they are adamant that they will avoid excessive rubber-banding and unbalanced weapons. The title is set to be released later this year as suggested by publisher, Activision.

Now even though I’ve never really been a fan of the Mario Kart series, I do remember enjoying Carmageddon and I can only imagine that at the very least it will look amazing.

Source: gamebizblog

Last Updated: June 12, 2009

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