Borderlands 2’s getting a Season Pass

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I am not quite sold on the idea of  Season Passes – where you pay a discounted lump sum  price now for DLC that you’ll receive later. It’s something developers and publishers seem to be pretty keen on though, because more and more of them are jumping on the Season Pass bandwagon. It’s not quite confirmed via the horse’s mouth just yet, but it looks like Gearbox is climbing aboard – and that Borderlands 2 will have a Season Pass.

Announced via Us retailer Gamestop, it looks like Borderlands 2’s 4 pieces of post-release DLC (presumably, not including pre-order bonus character the Mechromancer) will be available for the buy-em-all-before-they’re-even-out  discount price of $30. Usually, I’d bemoan developers cashing in on stuff – but if the DLC’s anything like the extra content we got for the first game, consider me sold. I loved just about every single bit of DLC, save for the arena-shooter add on Mad Moxxie’s Underdome Riot. the last DLC, the Secret Armoury of General Knox was pretty much a whole expansion pack, so if their planned DLC includes something on that scale I’d be happy.

Still, I’m conflicted…and I don’t like the idea of buying DLC on faith. Are you confident enough in Gearbox to buy DLC that’s not even been announced, or does the season pass idea turn you off? It’s just too easy to turn around and vomit out garbage DLC when you already have customers’ money.

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Of course, you could just wait a year for the inevitable Borderlands Game of the Year Edition, that’ll include everything for half price.

Last Updated: August 30, 2012

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