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Borderlands 3 has a broken Loot Tink exploit that gives you easy Legendary weapons

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Power! Unlimited power! Dispensed through virtual guns, because that’s what life is all about. Borderlands is pretty much the father of the loot shooter genre, having long long ago created a gameplay loop that proved to be unbelievably addictive when it first launched. There’s a certain thrill in the quest for more power, fighting through hordes of bandits and scavenging the rarest of weapons from their bloody remains.

That much hasn’t changed in Borderlands 3, with the gunplay feeling better than ever and the action being smoother than my luxurious face after I’ve shaved because I go against the grain. Don’t @ me. Anyway, there’s a load of fantastic guns in Borderlands 3, ranging from assault rifles which can vomit out low yield nuclear grenades when their bullets make an impact to rocket launchers which spit out flaming skulls of destruction with every pull of the trigger, but finding them requires some proper effort on your part.

Or you could just say bugger that and farm an exploit. Currently unpatched at the time of writing, you’ll be able to visit an area in Borderlands 3 where a Loot Tink is guaranteed to appear to every single time. It’s easy enough: Just head on down to Eden-6, load up the Jacobs Estate map and go to this point on the map:

Borderlands® 3_20190917073926

The catch here, is that you’ll need to have finished Borderlands 3 and enable Mayhem 3 difficulty for the guaranteed Loot Tink spawn. You can do this with normal, Mayhem 1 or Mayhem 2 difficulty enabled, but the chances of seeing that little fella with all of his best magical loot will decrease drastically. Anyway, on the toughest difficulty mode you’ll need to sprint past the hordes and get ready for a fight. Use shock damage to wittle down his shields, and then burn his flesh to a crispy finish with some flame element weapons.

Once he’s dead, a small mountain of weapons will explode from his little corpse once prompted, resulting in plenty of rare and legendary class weapons. Collect them, return to the Jakobs Estate, quit to menu and do the run all over again to get some easy sweet loot. You’ve got from now until whenever Gearbox patches the game, but seeing as Borderlands 3 isn’t a liiiiiiiiiive service title, you can easily switch your net off and run the exploit until you eventually feel like patching the game.

If you’re running Borderlands 3 or even this exploit, show us the spoils of war. Let’s see your biggest and best guns so far! I’m curious to see just how many legendaries are up for grabs.

Last Updated: September 17, 2019


  1. Bethesda QC


    • Pariah

      September 17, 2019 at 11:00

      To be fair it’s probably just a spawn rate thing linked with difficulty, rather than a bug. You do have to have finished the game and be on a much higher difficulty for the guaranteed spawn, so it’s not like it’s free.


      • Admiral Chief

        September 17, 2019 at 11:24

        Well, cloudsavewipe, this, quite a few other bugs, they be channelin’ Bethesda yo!


        • Pariah

          September 17, 2019 at 11:37

          They need to increase the game’s brokenness by at least 10-fold to hit Bethesda levels. And also never patch the major ones.


          • Admiral Chief

            September 17, 2019 at 11:38

            As long as I can have a house and avoid jail

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