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Borderlands 3 seems to be a bit of a mess at launch

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Borderlands 3 is finally out! Hooray! After years of waiting, we finally a current-gen sequel to Gearbox’s looter-shooter. You may, however, have noticed that there were very few reviews of the game available before its release. While Gearbox and 2K cited “security concerns” there may have been a few more reasons for the lack of reviews. According to the game’s subreddit, Borderlands 3 is a bit of a mess, no matter which platform you’re playing it on.

On console – that’s across PS4, Ps4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X – there’s apparently some horrific input lag, coupled with a plethora of bugs and glitches that are making fans pretty unhappy right now. Players say that the inventory screens can be bugged, with items overlayed atop one another making it impossible to manage. The biggest problem for console players though appears to be input lag. Even on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One, the input lag is making the game unplayable for some:

“OK, I am not a wine snob when it comes to shooter controls. Some games feel better than others of course, but I will gradually adjust to different sensitivities and deadzones and stuff. I don’t demand that everything be an exact way,: says redditor rdhight

“But the amount of input lag on Borderlands 3, on the PS4 Pro, is kicking my butt. I was using an official controller, singleplayer, no split-screen, nothing weird. Just starting a new game. Like, it is very noticeable, right from when Claptrap first gives you the echo device, before combat even starts. I go to start running and push the left stick all the way to the limit of its movement before I start to move. Distance aiming is so awkward, I think I killed about two psychos before turning the game off in exasperation.”

It’s a situation that other users have encountered – including our own Darryn, who’s finding the input lag on the base Ps4 bad enough to ruin the experience.

“The game is not running stable, whatsoever. Performance Mode is suppose to be 1080p 60fps, and it clearly is not. Whether the framerate is set to variable (there is also slight screen tearing) or the game is running 60fps but the frame-time is not 16ms and therefore causing input delay/stutter/choppy feedback.”

And in the bug and performance Megathread, even PC users with cutting edge-hardware are struggling to get the game to run at its best. Players with cards that should run the game like butter are struggling to get a smooth experience:

“I am getting pretty much the worst performance i have ever gotten in a game,” says one redditor, whose issues are echoed by others. “Very choppy even though it says the frame rate is well over 100. One specific thing I’ve noticed is that zooming or unzooming any gun will drop the frame rate by about 40 every single time for me, without fail. Honestly, the frame rate for me has been so bad I’ve just had to squint at my screen. Even if I’m only getting 60ish frames on other newer games with my setup, it’s always smoother than this. This is very frustrating because, at this point, it’s essentially unplayable for me.”

There are also issues with the game’s DX12 implementation, which is still in beta at launch. According to 2K, players should play the game using DX 11.

“Borderlands 3 currently defaults to initially start in DirectX 11. As is outlined in the in-game graphics settings menu, DirectX 12 is currently in Beta.

Use of DirectX 12 (Beta) can potentially lead to an increase in load times for some hardware configurations, especially on the first launch after enabling DirectX 12 (Beta), and/or additional unintended visual artifacts.”

If these issues impact your overall experience, reset your preferred graphics API in the in-game graphics settings menu to DirectX 11 and restart the game.”

It’s a situation that’s definitely disappointing, especially for a game that went “gold” months ago. We wanted a new Borderlands, and we got it – but I don’t think anybody wanted this.

Last Updated: September 13, 2019

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