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Borderlands 3’s new Dastardly Lucky 7 hand cannon is an OP beast when fortune favours you

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Borderlands 3 Lucky 7 (5)

At its core, Borderlands 3 is a very American game. An experience that results in the player becoming infatuated with guns, there’s a certain thrill in seeing a glorious golden gun erupt from the bloody remains of a vanquished foe, resplendent in all of its legendary glory. Borderlands 3 at launch had plenty of those exotics, but the first slice of DLC season pass content has introduced a ton more to the overall arsenal.

Borderlands 3 Lucky 7 (6)

The Ion cannon is a ludicrous rocket launcher that rewards accuracy (up to 5 million damage according to some reports) and the Handsome Jackhammer is a glorious riff on Tediore guns but only better. The best gun in this expansion though? Easily the Dastardly Lucky 7, a fantastic hand cannon that I scavenged from the Scraptrap boss during the holidays.

Borderlands 3 Lucky 7 (3)

On the surface, it seems entirely okay. 958 damage, it fires as fast as you can pull the trigger and it does decent critical damage. The trick to this gun though, is that its reload makes all the difference. Run out of ammo, pop the chamber in and slap a few new rounds in and you may get one of the following effects:

Borderlands® 3_20200107091416
  • All shots are Critical Hits
  • Random elemental effect
  • Rapid-fire
  • Explosive rounds
  • Lucky 7 projectiles that split one round into seven

Here’s where it gets even better: You won’t just get one random effect on every reload, you could get several of them if you’re lucky. Explosive rounds at light-speed are enough of a godsend, but delivering them with elemental effects with a damage multiplier of seven? With Dastardly Lucky 7, I’ve been steamrolling my way through Borderlands 3 on the Vault Hunter difficulty mode and with Mayhem Mode dropped in as well.

Borderlands® 3_20200107092521

The caveat here is that the gun feels like the perfect accessory for my main character Moze, who I’m currently running on a Gunner build. With those stats maxed, Moze has a near-limitless supply of ammo that constantly regenerates without the need to reload, augmented even further by Critical Hits that refill the gun quicker.

Borderlands® 3_20200107091622

What that means, is that provided I’m patient enough to roll reloads, the right combination turns Moze into an absolutely unstoppable machine so long as her shields can take some damage. A combination of the purple critical hit death bullets with the lucky 7 modifier and the rapid-fire attached absolutely melts through most obstacles which happen to be humanoid-shaped in origin, turning anything in your path into a fine red mist of regret and cult-like influencer devotion.

Borderlands 3 Lucky 7 (1)

How Lucky 7 plays in the hands of the other Vault Hunters, remains to be seen as I continue to level those characters up to be worthy of this almighty death-dealer. But for my current campaign focused on Moze and her unique talents? It’s a weapon which can rip an entire planet to shreds…if I’m lucky.

Last Updated: January 7, 2020

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