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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! is Handsome Jack’s story

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When it was first announced, I thought that the new Borderlands game, slotting somewhere between the first and second games was a shameless cash in. Over time, as my own Borderlands fatigue has been waning and 2K keeps showing the game off, I’m starting to slow climb back on board.

The thing that’s brining me in is the humour, and the fact that the people on this moon are all, essentially, Australian. It’s being made by 2K Australia, so that makes sense, I suppose – and it comes with it a change in the general humour , which now has a bit more of an aussie bent.

It also debuts moon-based physics and the need or an Oxygen system, which I’m sill on the fence. Mostly though, I’m keen on knowing more about Handsome Jack’s descent in to tyranny; who he was, and why he turned in to a giant jerk – and one of the coolest video games villains in recent memory. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! tells that story.

"Jack kind of, more or less, comes out of nowhere," story writer Maurice Suckling told IGN. "You don’t really know what happened to put him in this place. One of the targets for the Pre-Sequel is to put him on this curve and see where it is that he’s come from and why he is who he is… People know the jerk Jack, but they haven’t seen where he’s come from, so that just feels like a tremendously rich, fertile plain to dive into."

It’s out on the old consoles and PC in the third quarter of this year. I still really think it should be ported to the new consoles too.

Last Updated: June 2, 2014

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