Breaking News: JRPG is the favourite genre in Japan

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Yes, this is breaking news… if you’ve been living AFK for the past decade or two! The Japanese do certainly love their RPG games, no doubt about it. How does that genre compare to others though? We know some of you have doubts about the legitimacy of our news here on Lazygamer. Well, I have numbers dammit, and they don’t lie. WHAT DO THEY MEAN MASON?

According to a Tokyo Game Show 2014 Visitor Survey Report (via Dual Shockers), RPG comes in first, followed not-so-closely by action and adventure. The left column is the Tokyo Games Show Survey, while the right is related to the general consumer market of 2013.


Pardon my favouritism and one track mind, but where the heck is the MOBA category? I genuinely am interested to see where that fits in to all of this. There is a Competitive Online Games heading… that seems so generic though. I really think MOBA would easily make it to the top 5 were it present.

I am honestly surprised to see FPS is that high up. In fact, it’s more popular than Fighting and MMORPG, which just seems so bizarre in my head. I have no idea what a training/achievement simulation game is, but what the heck is it doing all the way up there? Meanwhile, at the bottom of the lot, we have none of the above, followed hotly by Fortune Telling. WHAT THE HELL GENRES ARE THOSE MASON?

Overall it is an interesting spread of genres and their popularity. I’d love to see a similar study done for the West. What do you think would be our top 5? I’d say something along the lines of MOBA, FPS, RPG, RTS, ACTION.

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Last Updated: November 11, 2014

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