Breaking News – Xbox 360 Elite Local Price Drop Is Here

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This just in, we just received a press release from Microsoft announcing that the Xbox 360 Elite will be seeing a price drop of R1500 as of August 28th (yeah, that’s tomorrow).

This now brings the price of the Elite down to an RRP of R3,399.00.

Is it only me or is the price drop of R1500 more than I expected? US prices dropped $100 dollars so I was expecting something in the R800 range to be honest. This also officially brings us into the phase-out period for the Xbox 360 Pro.

Cheap enough? Still too expensive? Leave a comment below.

Last Updated: August 27, 2009

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Nick De Bruyne

Video games writer, editor and critic since ’08. Living and breathing video games, movies and cars since the 80s. Follow me on Twitter if you love tons of gaming talk, and @pennyworthrevs for fun stuff and links.

  • Was just chatting with Geoff, the PS3 slim is only going to be R300 more and comes with a blu ray player.

  • Now things will get interesting.

  • easy

    makes you wonder how long ms have been keeping the price artificially high, and if that is not the case, how much of dent this will make in the pockets?

    pound for pound, the ps3 would seem to be the better value for money console at the moment.

  • darthdad

    Wow, great price for the Elite. I paid R2999 for my pro.

  • Nick

    They have taken the HDMI cable out unfortunately. If you add Wifi, Blu Ray and X-box subscription fee to the mix along with the lack of HDMI CABLE then the PS3 Slim is a no brainer.

  • Ruslan

    In the end its the games that will decide who wins. The PS3 still has some nasty lazy developers thanks to the different SDK from Sony’s cell PS3.

  • Ruslan

    And has Sony been doing with its artificially unchanged price for how many years now? So far I havent see not ONE game take advantage of the extra BR capacity since most games still dump data on the HDD or the BR drive is too slow to keep up without intermittent hiccups in gameplay ( Mirror’s Edge & KZ2 come to mind ).

    MS doesnt have to worry about its pockets simply because its software division rakes in the profits. Sony on the other hand…

  • I paid R3799 for my pro :/

  • fred

    ….and wi-fi , and bluetooth , and free network.

  • I still don’t understand why everyone thinks that everybody on the planet uses WiFi networks at home.

    When I finally got a PS3 it turned out that it just doesn’t like my Wifi so I have to use a cable anyways. I’m not the first one either, its quite a large problem for a lot of people, I wonder if it has been rectified in the Slim.

  • ewie

    You are right , Xbox is a lot more expensive than a ps3.
    This let you ask the next question, so why is the Xbox
    selling more than the ps3. Must be the experience users get out of it.

  • RonaldMcDeath

    Daammnnn this is sweet. Ok, now I need to see which one to go for. PS3? or Elite?

  • janrik

    Depends. Do you play online?

    Do you plan to buy BR movies?

    How large are your hands?

  • Nick

    I own all next gen systems i didnt mean to start a fanboy war and for those that do use WiFi like myself and have experienced any problems with it on either 360 or PS3 its added value . You can personally take out Wifi as a greater value proposition if personally get no value out of it. So take out the Wifi then and add up the other extras and its still greater value for money Right?

  • Nick

    What do sales have to do with value? If you want to follow a sales chart that you use to base the value you get from the hardware of a console then by all means do so. All im saying is for me the value of the Hardware in the SLIM = Greater than the value of the Hardware in the 360 Elite which are both greater than the value of the Hardware in the Wii.

  • Yeah definitely, you still make a very good point. Im just grumpy because my PS3’s wifi is up to crap and I only have one cable in that room so I have to always swop them out depending on what I am playing. PS3’s wifi doesnt pick up auto and I have to put all the settings in myself and even then, it take 5mins to log into PSN and its really really slow for some strange reason.

    Anyone know a fix?

  • ewie

    Yes and the value of the arcade > all.

    Because at the end to play games, that is all you need.

  • Ruslan

    I had the same weird wifi issues with my netgear router. So I went cable too. :cheerful:

  • Ruslan

    Well, Ninty is laughing all the way to the bank with their Wii ( two Gamecubes slapped together ) while their HD rivals are battling it out with costs and sales. Funny hey? People dont know what value is until the PR department does its magic it seems.

  • “How large are your hands?” – LOL

  • Nick

    I dont want to upset you but umm the Arcade increased in price in the UK. I dont know what that means for SA but im guessing bad news. Let me put it in another way. The value of the Elite > greater than the value of the Arcade now for me anyway. I would go as far as to say that anyone who purchases a 360 Arcade now instead of an Elite is a fool unless they cant afford to do so that is.

  • janrik

    Same here. DLINK and Netgear router did not like the PS3 wifi.

  • Nick

    So true. When you think back to the launch of all 3 consoles i doubt anyone realizes that they purchased a PS3 for R6000 which cost Sony R10 000 to make, Xbox 360 R4000 for something that probably cost R5000 to make and Nintendo R3000 which probably cost them R1500 to make :whistle:

  • ewie

    Agree that whoever buy a arcade and want to play on-line is doff (if they just want to use it for single player or media centre extender then it work 100% for them as they don’t need the hard drive). Don’t think the arcade will increase here as we have been doing a lot better than the uk on exchange rates lately, and already had our increase beginning of the year. So it can only go down again.

    I personally would never buy the arcade, as I have too many xbla games on my hard drives.

  • Fox1

    I paid R4699 for my Elite :tongue:

  • Ruslan

    I just want Sony to fix the silly R2 and L2 triggers on their Dualshocks… pathetic triggers!!!!!!!!

  • fred

    I have no wifi issues with my ps3 , connected to Hauwei B970. Connects first time every time.

  • fred

    Do you like to pay for online , do You use wifi networking at home , would you like to watch blu-ray movies too … then you have an obvious choice.

  • fred

    I paid 6500 for my ps3.

  • Nick

    Try these add ons. They work great for me.

  • janrik

    I was going to comment on triggers being last gen, but I won’t… 😉

  • Atomic

    As an x-box 360 Owner, I’d advise people to buy the Ps3, even despite this price job. – Microsoft’s lack of local live support and locked Content has sealed the deal for me – I will not be buying their next console.

    *shows Microsoft a toffee apple*

  • I have an Xbox360 and must agree that not having live enable in SA sux balls!
    And the Blu-ray wins it for Sony in this round

  • ewie

    Look like the cable supplied with the xbox does not have the bulky lump of plastic blocking the hdmi cable slot as well. So no need to take out the knife to remove the plastic.

  • Nick

    I think we kind of all shot ourselves in the foot on this one though. MS knows we just sign up with UK and USA accounts anyway so im guessing they are asking themselves why they should bother :devil:

  • eXp

    I paid R20 000 for hair implants… and not on my head. *wink*

  • Fox1

    Xbox 360 has Gears of War, PGR, Forza, Halo 3(which has sold more than 10 million units).

    It depends if you want hardware that you are going to use, or games that you want to play.

    Oh and nobody has mentioned SIXAXIS as yet :whistle:

  • Nick

    Sony and Nintendo have tons of games also. Gamers tend to play the best games on all platforms while fanboys umm do what you do!

  • RonaldMcDeath

    Well said Nick.

  • RonaldMcDeath

    Guess it’s PS3 for me. I’ll probably wait a bit to see if there are any weird hardware issues with the crunch (overheating, disk drive issues etc.). But, since I rarely used xbox live, except for a few games of Call of Duty 4 and recently Battlefield, I’m sure I can do without it, actually.

  • RonaldMcDeath

    That’s true, Exp came to me for a consultation, and in the immortal post-coital words of Canaan Banana (the first president of Zimbabwe) “while you were sleeping, we helped ourselves”

  • Fox1

    Is being a fanboy a bad thing? :cwy:

    If it were not for fanboys, we would not have these price cuts, super hardware and hot games :angel:

  • RonaldMcDeath

    lol, I would even go further and say that without fanboys we would have had price cuts earlier (capitalism for the win). If you have diehards defending a console almost to the point of religious fanaticism, why should they improve it? :ninja:

  • Fox1

    But MS dropped the price of the 360 many times :biggrin:

  • Fox1

    The PS3 is a good deal though :cheerful:

  • I’m happily surprised at a R1500 price cut… at least it shows that Microsoft are planning on staying competitive locally.

    As for which one is a better option, it all depends on the games in the end. I have to be honest and say that the integrated Blu-Ray does nothing for me but Uncharted 2, God of War and MAG are all huge draw cards.

    Oh and Nick why don’t you just buy a small hub for the back of your PS3 and Xbox to stop having to swap cables?

  • I tried a small little hub but alas, the Playstation 3 refuses to even see the cable when it runs through the hub. Xbox 360 picked it up no problem. I dont get it…

  • Fox1

    Put your router by your consoles and then use your other stuff to connect by wireless. You would just need a longer phone cable though :biggrin:

  • ndibu

    Still too expensive!! At the current rate, we should be getting this baby at R3000 and yes I have considered the shipping and tax costs. Right now its still R1100 more than they paying in the states…no way they can justify that

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