Breaking : South African Xbox Live Users Can Access Facebook and Twitter

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If you spend an awful amount of time on Twitter (and by rights, you totally should!), you may remember that earlier this month, Microsoft South Africa and the local Xbox 360 twitter accounts teased something big coming for South African Xbox Live. That alluringly teasing tweet summarily disappeared, with no real mention of it again. When we poked, pried and prodded, we were told that the announcement would be coming soon.

It seems that announcement is here, and guess what? It’s not that the Xbox Live marketplace is now fully populated. Commence booing now.

No, don’t be silly  – the FPB works far too slowly for that to happen. No, the big news is that paying South African Xbox Live users now have access to some of the social networking features our Northern Hemisphere brethren take for granted; Twitter and Facebook. Yay?

I can’t say I’ve used either feature personally, but I think some might find them useful, especially Facebook’s photo browser. It’s definitely a welcome step in the right direction, considering we’re currently paying a lot more for a lot less.

Now how about a little love?

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Last Updated: January 26, 2011

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