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Bring Rugby Challenge to South Africa

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While at E3 Ian managed to get some hands on time with the upcoming Rugby title, Rugby World Cup 2011. His preview of the title was excellently received but has also spawned a new issue for all of us at Lazygamer with twitter and email accounts… yeah all of us.

There are a dedicated few fans out there who are on a mission to bring the games competitor, Rugby Challenge, to South Africa by any means necessary.

And by any means I mean by spamming our inboxes and twitter feeds as often as possible.

Some of the fans really don’t care who brings it in while others are trying to get the distribution licence itself but either way it’s quite obvious that these guys really want this game and are massively dedicated about it.

So the question is, is it just this dedicated few who are trying to get the game locally or is there a real appetite for it? Let us know by leaving a comment below and if you want to show your support then like their facebook page and leave them a comment as well.

And to any of the dedicated Rugby fans out there, if you can explain to us what’s the big difference between RWC 2011 and Rugby Challenge I’d love to post it up to help everyone else.

Source: my inbox and yes you really do need to go like that facebook page

Last Updated: June 23, 2011

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