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Brink to be released earlier than planned

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These things rarely happen and I have to admit it worries me quite a bit when it does.

Bethesda has announced that their upcoming athletic shooter Brink is completed earlier than expected and as such they are going to release it a little earlier than planned.

So why would I be worried about an early release?

Well coming from a software development background I can attest to the fact that there is always more you can add into a program/game if you just had a bit more time, no matter how perfect the software there is always more that can be done to push it further into excellence.

The only time I have ever stepped back with time remaining was on a project where the system was so disgustingly badly designed that we were afraid that touching it again would cause more bugs than just shipping the mess that we already had.

Granted this may not be the case for Brink and they are truly happy with that they have, but then can we expect not a single bug to be found in the entire game? Somehow I doubt that.

The game is now expected to be released on the 10th of May in the US and 17th of May in Australia and hopefully here. We’re trying to get confirmation from the local distributor on that one.

Last Updated: April 12, 2011

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