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Brokeback Persia! Jake Gyllenhaal takes the lead.

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A lot of people out there have very high hopes for the game to movie adaptation of the Prince of Persia franchise.

With huge financial backing and someone like Jerry Bruckheimer producing the film, we are all keen to see if a proper adaptation can be done properly. It has now been announced by the Hollywood Reporter that Jake Gyllenhaal will take the lead role in the film as the role of the Prince. This is good news for Jake, at least now he can say on his resume that he has played both a prince and a queen!

The Prince (who’s name is Daster) teams up with a princess named Tamina to ensure that the power of the sands of time don’t land up in the wrong peoples hands. Tamina will be played by the relatively unknown Gemma Arterton, a newcomer to the industry that also has a role in the new Bond flick.

It’s going to be exciting to follow the making of this film as we all need to realise that if something like this is done right, we could be looking forward to a long line of high budget, well written and well produced game to movie adaptations in the future.

I wonder why they didn’t get Uwe Boll to make it? Oh yes, that’s right, apparently the producers want to actually make a profit this time around.

source: 1UP

Last Updated: May 21, 2008

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