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Bruce on Fanboys and Microsoft winning the Blu-Ray battle

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Bruce Everiss is a veteran games industry marketer who writes for his own website now. He often has some very interesting postings and his latest one of fanboys is very apt for the recent arguments that have been raging on this site.

He doesn’t actually attack fanboys, rather he explains the necessity of fanboys and why we should all love them. He also manages to get a few awesome pictures to describe or demonstrate fanboyism.

So which image best describes you? Follow the link to see them all.

Fanboys — Bruce On Games

Bruce also goes on to theorise that even though Sony may have won the format war against Toshiba it has handed the console war to Microsoft

But it has cost Sony dear. Difficulties mass producing Blu-ray drives in 2005/6 delayed the PS3 getting to market. And when it did the high cost of the drives compared with DVDs contributed to Sony having to charge a premium price for the console, which stunted sales.

Does he have a point? I would have to say that he does, if the PS3 had arrived at the same time as the 360 and with a normal DVD drive I think it would have won the European battle already and would be pushing for victory in the States. Rather than battling for Europe now and losing by quite a margin in the States (January NPD data aside)

Blu-Ray Battle

Last Updated: February 19, 2008

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