Brutal Legend – Is it really going to be any good?

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I am firmly on the fence on this one as I have never rated Jack Black as much of an actor and Ozzie Osbourne is just a freak… granted a highly skilled and idiotically rich freak but a freak none the less.

So when I heard that this game was being made I wasn’t overly excited, then Activision decided they would try and sue EA over the game and my interest was piqued once more.

If the biggest gaming company in the world is taking on the second largest then you know it’s important.

So this is the first video I have really seen of the game and I am still a little unsure about it but I have to say I am enjoying the hard rock aspect, that’s my sort of music.

Let’s hope this doesn’t let us down.

Last Updated: June 9, 2009

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