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Bulletstorm 2 is not coming, this makes me sad

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I was a huge fan of Bulletstorm; the game itself was ridiculous and over the top. The bad guys were the worst people imaginable and the guns were more destructive than anyone would ever need.

And all of that is why the game was a legend in its own right; It was as politically incorrect as you could get.

Unfortunately though this tactic didn’t secure it much love in the brick and mortar retailers, and as such the sales weren’t as good as desired.

This lack of sales has now forced Epic to tell People Can Fly (the developers) to shelve the plans for a sequel and to move onto something else.

It’s a pity as I really wanted to see where the game would go from here and hopefully they will change their mind moving forward.

If you haven’t played Bulletstorm and you like shooters then go get this game, just not on PC. Apparently it sucked on PC.

Last Updated: April 10, 2012

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