Bulletstorm demo lands next week

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Bulletstorm is loaded with bad language, buckets of violence and burning sphincters, which makes it an instant win for many gamers. If you’re not convinced, however, then you’ve got a chance to give it a spin before dropping money on the latest title from People Can Fly and Epic Games. Cliff Bleszinski tweeted that the demo will be arriving on 25 January via the PSN and Xbox Live.

What about a PC demo? Well, Bleszinski covered that question in the same tweet. The short answer is there won’t be one. But don’t take it personally! PC gamers should, by now, be totally ok with being last in line for these sorts of things.

The demo will feature one of the game’s modes known as “Echo Mode”, which gets you to rack up a high score that gets posted online for comparison with your friends. There’s a time limit (to the mode not the demo) so you’ll need to shoot people in the throat and administer swift kicks to enemy nuts all while keeping an eye on the clock. Sounds intense!

The retail version arrives on 25 February, which gives you a month to muck about with the demo.

Source: Joystiq

Last Updated: January 18, 2011

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