Bungie mocking its fans?

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Halo 3 Teaser

So it appears that Bungie does in fact have a sense of humour, at exactly 7:07 they released a teaser from their teaser page… But wait a minute… why did they do this at 7:07 and not any normal time like 6:30 or 7:00?

Well take 7:07 and flip it upside down and you get the famous LOL… which as you all know stands for Laugh Out Loud.

So should we be annoyed that Bungie is messing us around or should we just stop taking Halo so seriously and enjoy the ride.

Or how about we just laugh at Bungie instead for having a typo on the page that millions of people tuned into?

You can download the new teaser trailer directly from the marketplace or by going through this link.

I am not the biggest Halo fan but the thought of going back to Earth to do some “cleaning up” really does appeal to me… I wonder if we are going to have to pay for this expansion, actually I am pretty sure we will but I wonder how much it is going to cost us…

Last Updated: September 26, 2008

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