Bungie updates Destiny pricing – “That Asshat was me”

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Pricing is a difficult thing in gaming these days. Players want a ton of content at launch, but then continuous content as the game lives on to keep them interested. Developers (and publishers) need and want to make money for the new stuff, but sometimes they get it so very very wrong. At least sometimes, they strive to fix it.

Earlier this week, Eurogamer published an interview with Destiny creative director, Luke Smith. In it, he sought to explain why certain new dance emotes and other exclusive content was only available if players bought the collector’s edition for The Taken King – an expensive product that includes the original game and all DLC. Why would fans of the game who have already bought all that want to buy it again just to get some cool extra content? It was an interview that made Smith and Bungie look awful, and he knows it.

Over on the Bungie blog, they are doing some serious apologizing, and fixing. I just like how Smith phrased this part of his apology:

Reading my interview with Eurogamer and imagining it came from some random developer of a game I love – that random developer looks like an Asshat.


But that Asshat was me – and those words rightfully anger you.

I’m sorry.


My words made it sound as if Bungie doesn’t care about their most loyal fans.


We do care. We are listening. And we will make it right.

It sounds like they really do – they are making an upgrade bundle for $20. This will make the digital content from the Collector’s Edition (emotes, etc) available to those who only need to purchase The Taken King. Additionally, for those who already purchased the existing Digital Collector’s Edition, and already owned Destiny and both expansion packs, they have something extra planned, although they aren’t giving details on what just yet. Plus, there’s something extra for people who have been playing Destiny since the beginning:

If you already have a Light Level 30 Guardian, or if you’ve picked up and played both The Dark Below and House of Wolves, then you’re a VIP in The Tower’s book. They’ll reward you accordingly with a victory lap that will include a permanently exclusive set of items.


When you stride through the Tower, people are going to ask you where you got those wonderful toys. You’ll nod and let them know you earned them. It’s a Year One thing, and they just wouldn’t understand. And they won’t ever be able to get their hands on their own set.

Ah, exclusive loot. That’s a sure way to win Destiny fans’ hearts, right?

So, Destiny was pretty dumb about pricing, but at least they recognized it and sought to fix it. No one is perfect, and we can’t expect companies to get it right. But at least they acknowledge that they were wrong, apologize, and hope to set things right. Good job Bungie, this is how you act with class. More power to you.

Last Updated: June 25, 2015

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