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Burnout Adds What I Have Always Wanted

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One of the most exciting things about this generation is the ability of the next gen consoles to completely change a game with a small piece of DLC.


Burnout Paradise City was easily my favourite driving game of the last year (sorry PGR, GT5:P and Forza), I enjoyed it’s simplicity of driving and complexity of challenges. The online multiplayer was a whole lot of fun for a while but it was unfortunately missing the part that I enjoyed the most.

The Road Rage races in single player were a huge amount of fun and were sadly lacking in the online side… however that has now been rectified….

Apparently next Thursday there will be a new update for Burnout which is going to add

Online Stunt Run
You get to play an 8 player simultaneous stunt run throughout Paradise City but be careful, the other guys can take you out and then you are going to have to sit on the side until they finish…. Or until the timer runs out and then you can get revenge

Online Marked Man
Another fantastic single player mission that has now been ported online, the marked man is chosen at random and then you have 90 seconds to take them out… The marked mans car is slower and has no more boost…. Sounds like fun

Online Road Rage
Your 8 players get split into two teams, one team has to try survive to the finish but all they can see is the next checkpoint. The other team needs to take them out and can see the entire track… so they can chase or ambush….

I have no idea if this will hit the PS3 and 360 at the same time though…

Burnout Gets New Game Modes |

[Thanks Werner for the tip]

Last Updated: April 16, 2008

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