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Burnout Paradise downloadable on PSN thursday

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ea-dl-and-save Criterion announced (via Evil Avatar) that Burnout: Paradise will be available for download on the PlayStation Store this Thursday. Which is great for them but what about us? I’m sure South Africa is not the only country to be held back by bandwidth and cap limitations. Where does this lead in the future?

Let’s say that burnout paradise does really well over PSN, would this lead to EA offering more of their full retail titles over the service and Live market place for that fact. What happens when we get to the point were games are strictly only digitally distributed.

Digital distribution is just around the corner, and for us, it’s not looking pretty. Critereon has not yet revealed the file size for the game, but this is the full game and taking into account it fitted on a dual layer DVD, my guess is this will weigh in at around 7 – 11 gigs. That’s my monthly cap.

This bold step for digital distribution on the console will be sold for $29.99 an amount equivalent to its current price at retailers such as GameStop and Amazon in the states, which in a strait conversion is only R240. I’m sure though the lack of a price difference is due to retailers.

Honestly, I like my games in a box, I like having the disk, and the nice cover art, gives me the feeling I own something more than just the data on my hard drive.

Last Updated: September 23, 2008

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